[New Release] via Leng Press Release – The 40 Thieves turn up in Lengs back garden with their new release ‘Backward Love/Crystal Mountain Thunder’ EP. Kicking off is ‘Backward Love’, a deep wobble of dub guitars, weird out FX, large 80’s synth lines and lovely throbbing bass, more than enough to get people freaky. Next is ‘Crystal Mountain Thunder’, a genius intro of ambient electronic atmosphere, which gives way to another slug of late-night dub wonkiness, with massive guitars and a hefty drumkit. As expected, a meaty joint of late night disco, for the murkier end of the dance-floor. An album is on it’s way and if it matches the quality of this release then we’ve got a veritable treat on it’s way. (Love the ridiculous adjectives in this press release)




40 Thieves – Crystal Mountain ThunderfuckCLIP by LengRecords

40 Thieves – Backward LoveCLIP by LengRecords