“Atlanticus have the creativity and imagination to help create the kind of unique digital piece we envisaged in thoughtful and sensitive ways. They really understand how to help tell a story in the right way, regardless of the priceless nature of the manuscript. We’re working closely with them to find the right music collaborator. We have the worldwide exclusive rights in all sectors and are opening up this once in a millennium opportunity to them with the Magna Carta for NFT’s. Knowing that the really care about every element of this which is essential when taking something of such historical significance half way around the world during a global pandemic” said Luke Purser, Director at Hawkwood International.

Co-built and curated by tech, music and cultural experts who strongly believe in the freedom of artists and creators to benefit from content focused decentralized networks, Atlanticus is a new musical experience driven NFT platform offering exclusive experiences to creators and fans. 

Having music at its very heart, the teams at Atlanticus are honoured, in partnership with Hawkwood International, to have secured a unique NFT involving the Magna Carta and a unique piece of music by the three-time Grammy Award nominee and international superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold as a first release. This original document, accompanied by the King’s Writ, a one of a kind letter from King John in 1215, is travelling from England to Washington next month and we are lucky to have the opportunity to be part of the 800 year old history by adding a 21st Century NFT to it.

Atlanticus is built on the foundations of music and has been designed to best serve creators, collectors and the wider fan community. Like any world class gallery, Atlanticus is not only about transactions but wants to share the beauty of these pieces with as wide an audience as possible. You don’t have to own the rights to a piece of music to appreciate it or indeed to buy a recording of the original.

“It is a unique honour to be able to connect my music to such an iconic priceless manuscript, knowing that it will live on for ever more“ said Paul Oakenfold.

By utilizing the blockchain and NFT technology, Atlanticus offers the freedom for any artists in the world to share instantly their tracks, albums, DJ sets, videos, music experiences and any music related creation they may think of with their fans and other music lovers. It creates a way for artists to address their communities directly, and for music lovers to own rare, unique and exclusive creations, numbered and digitally signed on the blockchain.

“Being open minded and understanding that they want to share their creations is essential when working with creative people and being able to give cultural assets, be they music, art or film a global audience is something that Atlanticus have as a core message. We did that at Stonehenge with Universe, Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox before anyone had heard of NFT’s so imagine what we can do now!” said Alon Shulman, MD Universe, CEO World Famous Group & co-founder at Atlanticus.

Created and developed by and for music lovers, Atlanticus is about enjoying and sharing exclusive music between artists and communities, it makes music exclusive again by offering rare and limited editions of music pieces.

“Imagine owning a signed Banksy or one of the 100 numbered limited editions of a Picasso lithograph, this is what Atlanticus does for music, it’s as simple as that! We’re delighted as a music platform to be given the unique opportunity to unite both the foundations of individual freedom and those of dance music with the Magna Carta Libertatum & Paul Oakenfold“ said Stéphane Schweitzer, owner of Clubbing TV & co-founder at Atlanticus.

• • •

“Atlanticus is a magic music place where any artist in the world could share their music with their fans, creating love, proximity and a strong link between creators & collectors” said Adrien Aversa, owner of Marmeladz, a leading European digital media group & co-founder at Atlanticus.

Fully invested in music creation, Altanticus will reserve a portion of all its proceeds to be donated to its “Atlanticare” initiative, a foundation that provides recording equipment and a way to benefit from the digital income from their creations to musicians in regions across the world where as a result of economic or political reasons they struggle have no access to this. The New Music Era is coming… Atlanticus.io, stay tuned ! Creators and collectors can pre-register now on www.atlanticus.io Contact us for more information :

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