[New Mix] For their 30th episode, House of Disco features Berlin duo, Trickski.

“Todays very special houseguests are the broadly talented berlin duo Trickski. These guys are responsible for crafting some of our favourite tracks recently which went out on labels like Permanent Vacation and their family label Suol. Daniel and Yannick have gathered a huge online following through their popularity on Soundcloud an its well deserved, they have a deft touch when it comes to production and instead of taking the approach of ‘throw things at it until something sticks’ like a lot of producers they air on the side of caution, never including an element unless its necessary. This coupled with their love of all things deep makes them distinct in their own right, giving them a sound you can almost recognise, not an easy task.

Their mix is more downtempo then we expected, a nice surprise, and is brimming with soul (or in this case Suol) and charachter. It begins with a low slung, cocktails at dusk vibe and continues in its lush heavy fashion progressively gaining momentum adding more and more warmth and sun. Its a bit like watching the sunset, only backwards, so instead of chilling out you instead find yourself in the heat of the day.”

-House of Disco