[New Mix] Sleazy Beats releases the fifth volume of their famed “Music for Serious Jogging” series (of which the fourth volume is still in rotation in my playlists), by Monsieur Monod. Due to the overwhelming amount of joggers out there, the download limit was quickly reached on soundcloud. An alternative download link is offered below.

“Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase fitness with less stress on the body than from faster running”.
New bits, old bits, semi-new bits, semi-old bits and some other bits too. May it help you increase your fitness.

-Sleazy Beats

Sleazy Beats – Music For Serious Jogging Vol 5 by Monsieur Monod


Alternative Download Link: (CLICK HERE)


Track List:

1. Morning Factory – Lady (FINA)
2. Super Value – Mellow Mood (SV)
3. Ben La Desh – Motion (Out on Sleazy Beats in 2012)
4. Mathieu Cle – To Begin With (Apersonal)
5. Dead Rose Music Company – Kept The Faith (Forthcoming on On The Prowl)
6. Ruben & Ra- Meet When (Retrospective)
7. Stupid Human – Ah You’re Welcome (Stupid Human)
8. Changed – Jamaican Girl (Basic Fingers)
9. Hall & Oats – I Can Dub With That * Out in the Sticks edit (Disco Deviance)
10. Kitano – For The King (Dikso)
11. Alex Agore – Man Down * Tornado Wallace rmx (Kolour Ltd)
12. Marathon Men – Sweet Exorcist (GAMM)
13. John Gazoo – Midnight Runner (Compost Disco)
14. Marques Wyatt – Rude Groove (OM)