[New Mix] If you heard Noir’s March podcast earlier this year, you definitely remember when he dropped Finnebassen’s bootleg of Aliyah’s “If Your Girl Only Knew.”  The downright sexy and soul penetrating sound of Finnebassen’s productions is sultry, fresh, and addictive.  This Norway native’s music sounds like it can bring out the sex freak in even the shyest of personalities.

The great thing about this mix is that it highlights Finnebassen’s diversity as he starts off with some darker, murkier tech house.  Don’t worry though, he isn’t strictly mechanical and he blends in plenty of soul, vocals, and tom-heavy tracks for that extra deep feeling–an excellent mix by an excellent up and comer.


Here is the interview he did with Pulse:


Finn, it has only been a few months since your debut releases with Electronique, and already there’s a great deal of buzz about your music. How does it feel to get such a positive reception to your work, so quickly?  


It’s AMAZING, obviously. I had no idea things would go this quickly. I’m still trying to settle with the fact that I can actually work as a DJ/producer now. It’s every bedroom producer’s dream isn’t it? I also feel very grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity.


Tell us a bit about your background – how did you get started producing music, and what drew you to the deep house/dance side of things?


I am a music nerd. Music has always been an interest of mine, and my father introduced me to guitar playing when I was 15. I went through a lot of genres and for practice I would let iTunes pick a song and just start jamming along. At 18 I started DJ’ing, and I started to like house music- the shitty kind, not the good kind. Let’s just say I was mislead by radio stations in Norway with no taste.  Anyway, it’s not that easy to get good gigs in Oslo because the scene here is not that big. It was even smaller back then, and I ended up playing for the crowd and not necessarily for me. I grew tired of this and I wanted recognition for my own track selection. This is when I realized…