[New Mix] Gracing the interwebs every Wednesday from far-off Montenegro, the DiscoTone Radio Show features sexy groves and disco house.  DJ Stefan Popovic hosts, his smooth voice just oozing a passion for those deep house sounds.  Showing off some serious soul in this episode, Popovic features an hour-long tribute to Siesta Records from our very own San Diego, California in the show’s second half.  “California Underground, feel the heat…space sound, Siesta Records, among the best in the genre,” he says.  That’s enough to get me going, so whether you’re listening from your speakers at home or your headphones in the office, you’re guaranteed to want to kick back, have a drink, and dream of spending a sunny summer afternoon on some rooftop, grooving to these sexy sounds.  Dream away disco dancers!


DiscoTone Radio Show vol. 80 (Hosted by Stefan Popovic) by DiscoTone