[New Mix] I’ll let Damian tell you about his mix the way only he can. Keep in mind, this is definitely music for a real journey like Burning Man. Save this one for a spiritual adventure or self-exploration night…


Welcome to Lazpod 22, recorded in trip-o-vision for maximum pleasure whilst out exploring the playa at this year’s Burning Man; the rites of passage.

If you are going to the festival, please upload this mix for your journey or maybe plug in your headpieces and take me in your ears as you ride your bike out on your desert voyage. and for those not coming on this quest, please feel free to find a suitable alternative space and time in which to give this session a listen.

There is no chat after the intro, there is some trickery but no track listing but do feel free to drop by with any notes or queries to info@damianlazarus.com
enjoy this trip.


– damian x




Lazpod 22 – Burning Man Special Edition by Damian Lazarus