If you know the Mioli Music label there’s a good chance you are fans of Belgrade based duo Alex & Steve. They were behind 2016 EP ‘Emotional Content’ and now kick off 2018 with a new alias, Neverness. They offer three tracks and two remixes from Emanate and U-SRD seal the deal. 

The Void Is Not Empty Space opens up the EP with seven deep minutes of house music with well defined drums. It is desolate and speaks of a post human world and will really get the club marching. Palindrome then gets more melodic, with synth details tinkering in the skies above the rumbling bass and Echoes of the Moon is a deep roller with dubby chords, stark synth smears and more detailed melodies. The sound is futuristic and stark as well as being cinematic. U-SRD then remix the opener and flip into a bit of rubbery and spine tingling minimal, with icy pads. Emanate then flips Palindrome into a spooky cut with deft chords and pads making for a celestial and unsettling vibe. It is an atmospheric way to end a fine EP. 

The Void is not Empty Space is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-void-is-not-empty-space/2203051