Barcelona-Berlin hybrid label Neovinyl Recordings is known for their groovy house music and feel good vibes. Established in 2009 by Baldo out of Barcelona and Berlin artist Carlo, the two have been dedicated to releasing only the freshest of jams.

We are amped to add this great imprint to our Label Lovers series! Get a taste of what Neovinyl is all about!

Mix, tracklist and buy links below…

Neovinyl – Label Lovers #012 mixed by Baldo

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01. Matthias Fiedler – Somehowlin’ (NVR045)

02. Sello – Hold On, I’m Coming (NVR061)

03. Baldo – You Can Go Home Now (Paradiso Rhythm Remix) (NVR067)

04. Odysea – Laura’s Bass (Pete’s Pike Remix) (NVR047)

05. Sello – Lost Souls (NVRS003)

06. Carlo – Infinite Improbability Drive (NVR068)

07. Meterius Johnson – Love Town feat. Memphis (Ekkohaus Remix) (NVR033)

08. Black Loops – Innercity (Piek Remix) (NVR043)

09. Maik Yells – Sweetheart Ticha (NVR035)

10. Ham N Cheese – Onleh (NVR005)

11. Sello & Borrowed Identity – Tool X (NVR069)

12. Hokuto Sato – Jazz On The Moon (NVR057)

13. Fantasna – Las Siete Canchas (NVR017)

14. Carlo – Aliquindoi (Baldo Remix) (NVR050)

15. Babak – Mon Repos (NVR064)

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