[Release]   Double Standard Records is a label known for their funky, soul driven releases.  Always smooth and never rude, Double Standard has a certain quality that they like to obtain.  He may be new to you, but Navid Izadi has been around for some time with deep roots in the west coast, mostly in the San Fransisco underground scene. Known for rocking the mic, we now get to see him rocking the beats with his first solo effort, Ain’t Got The Time EP.  A quality six track release of all original material, Navid teams up with  Pillowtalk to create a few chilled out jams to keep things flowing.

‘Ain’t Got The Time’ is a phenomenal track and a great way to start to record.  Loads of synths, funky bass, and alluring vocals make this an instant hit.  ‘Lost In Found’ is a smooth jam with a solid groove.  For ‘Too Long’ Navid teams up with Pillowtalk to bring us a percussion heavy, laid back track with voxed vocals and a chill riddim.  ‘On My Mind’ is another souled-out sexy synth-led jam.  Navid teams up with Pillowtalk again to deliver with the sultry slow jam ‘Follow The Leader.’  To finish things  off, for those of you who are not too hot on vocals, they toss in an instrumental of  ‘Ain’t Got The Time.’

A stellar first EP from Navid, expect to be hearing lots more from this man, whether it be him doing vocals on the next big hit, producing a jam, or rocking the mic at a show near you.


Artist:  Navid Izadi
Title:  Ain’t Got The Time EP
Label:  Double Standard Records
Catalog No.:  DS14

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