Following the release of his debut track ‘Zephyrus‘ on NĀTIV Recordings, soon to be followed by ‘Callisto‘, we asked maXIon to pick out 10 tracks for us! Expect to hear lots more from maXIon in the near future with releases forthcoming on Shall Not Fade and more. Here’s what he picked for us;

1. Tim Green – Pyxis (Original Mix) – [TRYBESof]

Phenomenal piece of music and perfect summer vibes. This is a proper grower, it has everything, perfect bed of drums and bass allowing the arps strings and subtleties to shine through.


2. Kostas Maskalides – Odyssey (Original Mix) [Recovery Collective]

Fantastic energy in this, perfect for when digging a little twisted and deeper. Pulsating pitch bends all the way sprinkled with sa nice ethereal vocal elements for that human connection.


3. maXIon – Zephyrus (Original Mix) [NĀTIV Recordings]

Splendid melody-guided journey, if I may say so myself ;). Zephyrus gives an Intentional and instant feel good vibe. One for Summer!!


4. Reset Robot – Only Light Escapes (Original Mix) [Whistleblower Records]

Simply beautiful. The structure, all elements and arrangement. In my opinion one of Reset Robots best!!


5. Onur Ozman – Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (Original Mix)[Sum Over Histories]

Hints of Simian Mobile Disco on this one, consistent shuffle with sporadic and fluctuating sounds superbly crafted together.


6. Overmono – Gunk (Original Mix) [XL Recordings]

This is BIG!!! Overmono are on fire at the moment and loving this. Love the vocal cuts before it opens up into the hook, simple but amazingly effective. Upsy Downsies all the way!!!


7. Rhye – Black Rain (Âme Remix) [Secular Sabbath]

Epic Remix from Âme from…..not sure can say much more


8. Scoom Legacy – Moon Dancers (Original Mix)

Serious piece of music here. Builds brilliantly before unleashing stuttered looped vocals…. love this.


9. Ultraviolet – Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One) (1990)

This is timeless, of its time and yet ahead of its time. Love the balance of the tough breaks, dreaminess and unbelievable vocals. I wish I had produced this


10. Thom Yorke – That’s How Horses Are (Original Mix) [XL Recordings]

Will always be a fan of Thom Yorke. This is exceptional.


maXIon ‘Callisto / Zephyrus’ is out April 29th on NĀTIV Recordings

Pre-order/save it here: Callisto / Zephyrus