Today we welcome Toronto-based Mustafa Ismaeel as he picks out 10 tracks for us ahead of the release of his ‘Right Here’ EP, marking his debut on Crosstown Rebellion’s Rebellion imprint. 

Speaking on the release, Mustafa shared that “this EP captures the essence and versatility of the music I play and create. Crossing multiple genres and styles, yet they all share the two main aspects of my music: groove and emotion”.

Here’s what he picked out for us!


1. Iman Hanzo, Ortal Malka – Hey, I Say (84 Avenue Remix) [Soul n Pepa]

This track has that melodic deep house sound from the late 2000’s, and the vocals just sit down so well with the vibe. Reminds me and takes me back to my favorite house music era.


2. Guy Gerber Feat. Albertina – Bocat [Rumors]

This track has so many great elements in it, from haunting sexy vocals, groovy low end, suspended guitar notes, a great eastern sounding guitar lead melody. this is one of those timeless tracks.


3. Backchild (ITA) – I Took Some Love [Music On]

This track combines a deep minimal bassline and groove with a haunting vocal sample and a sexy sax lead. Something unique and special.


4. Mustafa Ismaeel – Messing Around [Rebellion]

A pure 4/4 dancefloor groove. Simple yet effective. Highlights the beauty of minimal tech house

Releasing January 21st:


5. Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket – Love Vibes [Mood Funk Records]

This is one of those really groovy and funky tracks that can start off any dancefloor and ignite the happiness and playfulness in the listener. 


6. Kryptogram – How long have you been away? [?]

A timeless track that has beautiful vocals and a groovy funky bassline to go along with. The melodies and vibe of this track is something i cannot get enough of.


7. GruuvElement’s – Rokfin [Solid Grooves Raw]

The power of the drums. This track when slowed down by a couple of bpms rocks any dancefloor at any time. Tribal minimal feel and truly unique sound.


8. Mustafa Ismaeel, Hoomance – Darkest Love [Rebellion]

Peak time track with haunting vocals and a strong low end. The melodic lead on top carries the journey into progressive like feel. Intense emotion in this track.

Releasing January 21st:


9. Ben Rau, She’s A Replicant (Afriqua Remix) [BP Digital]

Menial after hour track with a great bassline and very unique and meaningful vocal sample. Something to hold the dancefloor with and the the crowd breathe with still maintaining interest.

10. Mustafa Ismaeel – Right Here [Rebellion]

Groovy progressive vibe, haunting vocal samples, delayed electric guitar lead. A deep dance floor banger.

Releasing January 21st:


Mustafa Ismaeel – Right Here EP is out January 21st on Rebellion
Pre-order it here