Every year thousands of people get together to experience one of the biggest parties in the whole world, Burning Man.  Burning Man is rapidly approaching and many of you are already on your way to Black Rock City to start setting up your camps.  We made a list of our favorite sound camps that we think that you should visit this year.  We may have left a few out, but that is the whole fun of the burn is to go around explore and see what you can find.  One thing, Burning Man is not a music festival, it is an art festival, while we recommend you visit these amazing sound camps, it is also very important that you check out all the great things this incredible gathering has to offer.

10. Trifucta   7:30 & Esplanade

Trifucta and their adult playground are back on the playa this year.  Last year they had an awesome line up, and once again they managed to put together a stellar line up.  Featuring killer DJs from all over the country, this camp knows good music and knows how to have a good time.  We highly recommend you stop by this camp to check out some of the great talent that will be there and also make sure you check out their Black Light Art Car.

9. Pile Palace  9:45 & G
This is Pile Palace’s first year hosting a sound camp on the playa.  In case you didn’t know, Pile Palace is the core camp from the people that brought you Desert Hearts.  Do you we need to say more…?  Although they only have two days listed of music, we promise you can walk by at any time and hear some of the best music you will hear anywhere on the playa.

8. Playground Experience  2:00 & A
Another first year sound camp, Playground Experience made the cut for one simple reason….  Carl Cox!!!  This is the official Carl Cox camp on the playa this year and this legend will be hosting some of the biggest international DJs in the world.  This camp definitely deserves a visit or two and we can’t wait to see how their camp unfolds.

7. Music Savages  9:00 & I
One camp that you won’t find in the Rockstar Librarians Guide,  Music Savages is one of the best camps that fly below the radar.  Known for their wild parties and great line ups, you can swing by here at any time and feel right at home.  The music is always great and we highly recommend  you swing by this camp on Friday for their yearly Paradise party featuring the whole Hot Creations crew, and also on Wednesday for Hoj’s Ice Cream Social.  Yes we said Ice Cream!

6. Panda Lounge  8:30 & A
Panda Lounge is one of the more respected sound camps on the playa.  This year they went all out and have one of the best line up at the burn.  Each day is jammed slammed with some of the best international and local DJs and no matter when you come by the music and vibe will always be on point.  Expect to spend a lot of time here this year.

5. Kazbah  10:00 & G
One camp you certainly can’t miss, the Kazbah stands tall and strong and returns for its second year on the playa.  Last year they had a stellar line up with some big surprises and we kept finding ourselves returning to this camp because the music was so good.  Expect this year to be even bigger and better as they have some serious talent lined up for this year!

4. Distrikt    9:00 & G
Distrikt is a staple at Burning Man. These guys host the biggest day party on the playa with some of the wildest and crazy people you will ever meet.  You have to experience this massive event at least once while you are on the playa, but you will probably keep returning because of all the fun you will be having!

3. Pink Mammoth  8:30 & E
Another staple sound camp on the playa, Pink Mammoth just gets it.  Each year they feature some of the best DJs on the planet.  One thing we particularly like about this camp is how on point the music and vibe always is.  Right when you come upon this camp you automatically feel the energy and never want to leave.  There is a reason they call it the pink vortex.

2. Robot Heart   Deep Playa
There’s nothing like a Robot Heart sunrise.  Robot Heart has established itself as one of the leading sound camps on the playa over the years.  The massiveness that is a huge sound system on a bus has changed peoples lives.  Robot Heart has gotten so big, it’s almost as if it’s its own festival inside of Burning Man.  Each year these guys get the best of the best to play on their bus and we know you, along with thousands of others will be riding out to deep playa to experience the amazingness that is Robot Heart.

1. Disco Knights  2:00 & I
Our favorite sound camp over the past few years, Disco Knights truly represents what burning man is all about.  We can never seem to pull ourselves away from this camp, the vibe and music are always second to none.  Each year they get some of the biggest names in the industry and this year they went above and beyond.  It appears that DK is the camp  this year that everyone will be at, featuring one of the best line ups we have seen on the playa.