London-based Thousand Fingers sits down with us to discuss his latest release ‘Hide & Seek’, how he’s adapting in the post-covid era and what his future plans are for a continued expansion in his sound and projects.

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world at the moment?

Actually all is going well at the moment. Most of the time I am busy in my studio producing new music and playing in various events. Living the dream …

How was your festive break – what did you do on NYE?

It wasn’t like a break for me. December was the busiest time of 2021; I was going between gigs, studio, and event production. The most challenging part was putting a themed party for NYE to the speakeasy club that I am resident at. Number of Omicron cases was increasing in London and we were in a stressful wait for government announcements. Thankfully, they didn’t lock down the city and we had a great time at the party that led to another party until the sun came up.

What goals do you have for the year ahead and what would you like to achieve? Do you set targets like that?

My first target was to make a headstart as a music producer, which is accomplished with “Hide & Seek EP”. Rather than that, this year I’ve made no special targets! I am going to improvise and go with the flow in 2022.
What inspired your upcoming ‘Hide & Seek’ EP release on the Follow The Fingers imprint?

I really wanted to make something that is going to mix and reflect the music from my residency nights at Cache Cache club. Basically, I’ve been inspired by the musical styles, textures, and tunes/melodies and blended all of them together with my taste. You can clearly hear influences from Afro House, Indie Dance, and Melodic Techno cross-genre fusion in every track.

When and when did you write it, is there a story to tell behind it?

The story behind is my musical journey on my sets, where I experience an ongoing trip between different musical heritages and the deep emotions that come along with them. It took a little bit of time to observe myself and have an outside ear of all those sounds. They all melt down in three unique productions.

Your last release was number one on the Beatport Electronica Hype Chart – is it hard to follow that? Do you feel pressure?

I am not feeling any pressure on that to be fair. What happened with A-ta was great, my first signing going up on the charts … like seeing your kid making its first steps. However, my aim is to maintain a certain sonic quality and originality with the label.

What gear do you use currently, do you think there is a distinguishable difference in the sound?

In my studio I use Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core, Adam Audio speakers + sub, and GIK Acoustics products for acoustic arrangement. Rather than that I am mostly using soft synths from Output, Native Instruments, Arturia – Antelope Audio Edge Duo & Verge mics for recording, and hiring analog synths where it’s needed. It is giving me flexibility on my productions.

Tell us about the label’s outlook, what is the vibe you are going for?

It is going to maintain its cross-genre approach in 2022, like a bridge between Indie Dance, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica.

Please share a track with us that would be used to ‘save the dance floor’!

Nowadays it is certainly Toto Chiavetta – Anti Loudness


Thousand Fingers EP “Hide & Seek” will be released on Follow The Fingers Records