Detroit DJ and Producer Nic Joseph has released across a variety of labels in his career including Glasgow Underground, Too Many Rules and now he lands on Superfett by unveiling his ‘All This Love / Halfway’ EP alongside vocalist Mizzbee. We discuss his start in the industry, how the link up happened for the EP and much more.

How are you, what have you been up to lately?

I’m doing great! Getting back into my routine and working on lots of new music, getting back into the gym has also been a big part of my life lately. Life is good!

Tell us about your ‘All This Love / Halfway’ EP – how did you link up with the other artists, when and why?

I’ve known Botez since High school. Although we have quite different sounds, we still love to get in the studio and mess around. “All This Love” is one of those songs where after we finished it, we knew we had to get it out. We started working on this track in 2020 and are both stoked that it’s out.

Mizbee and I live across the world from each other, so we work virtually and are always working on new ideas. Mizbee is an amazing artist and person, love making music with her, I’m sure one day we will be able to hit the studio together in person!

Tell us how you fell in love with dance music, what is your story?

I’ve always been a fan of all different kinds of electronic music since 2013, but it really wasn’t until 2019 when I really dove into house music and found a new appreciation for it. Specifically I was in Miami Music Week 2019 for a Toolroom party, hearing that music really gave me the bug and helped me dive back in. Im excited to be going to back to Miami this year for music week!!

Any labels and artists who inspired you along the way, anyone who stands out in particular?

There are so many talented artists who inspire my music. My top 3 are Josh Butler, Dario D’Attis, and Qubiko. I definitely take bits and pieces of each of these artists to create my own sound.

Focusing specifically on your sound, would you say it has a signature sound?

I would say that I have simple yet hipnotic drums with a catchy hook element, whether it be a vocal or a melodic instrument. My song arrangements follow a structure that’s unique to my vibe and style.

Share with us one of your favourite releases over the past month, why is this?

The Detroit Dude EP on Beretta Music, this is a pure vinyl release by my good friend Ryan Sadorus from Detroit. Killer ep.

A track to save the dance floor, share one with us and why would it be that track?

“Ahora Todo Va” by Dennis Cruz and Josh Butler. I play this in a alot of my sets and it gets people up every time.

Finally, can you share what future projects you are working on, anything that can be said?

I have a vinyl only release coming soon with the legendary Detroit Beretta Music Label that will be coming out on vinyl distributed world wide this summer. I’m super excited for it.

‘All This Love / Halfway’ EP is out now via Superfett
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