This delightful EP released on Christmas will bring those cheery vibes to the dance floor. With happy tones, bells, bleeps and a few words, it is definitely a release worth a rewind. Brought to us from Muna Musik out of Germany, featuring artists Aaaron, Di Chiara Brothers, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, and Douglas Greed, they bring this musical treat for the New Year.

The first track, ‘ The Upsetter ‘is a crisp rhythm with Lee Scratch Perry behind the inspiration.  ‘ Sample Y ‘ is funky and brings a little more bounce in with a lot of high hats and drums.  ‘ We Cannot Socialize ‘ is a bit more intricate and gives a bit of a trippy head feel, full of percussion. Then, ‘ Bobby ‘ is a beautiful melody of bells, chimes and acapella to bring the merriment of the release to a close.  A foray of joyousness rings throughout this entire EP.


Artist: AaaronDi Chiara BrothersGuillaume and the Coutu DumontsDouglas Greed
Release Date: 2015-12-25
Label: Muna Musik
Catalog No.:  MUNAMUSIK002

– Becky Beloved