[New Release] Legendary Mr. C put out Something Strange (Part I) in April, and the release was a reflection of his eccentric style and absolutely infectious sound and energy.  Now, Mr. C releases several remixes of his original title track, “Something Strange,” on Adjunct Audio with remixes supplied by the hands of Jordan Lieb and Mikael Stavostrand.

Mr. C’s own remix is an ominous, late night take of the original in which he slows down the bassline brushstrokes and layers the vocals with effects that add a delicious depth to the work’s soundscape.  Jordan Lieb takes a higher energy approach with a bizarre and creepy rearrangement of the original’s elements – almost reminiscent of a trippy mutation of the circus – which makes for a wonderfully unique sound that is delightful and refreshing to the audio-centric palet. Lastly and perfectly, Mikael Stavostrand’s dreamy rework wraps up the EP on higher ground and leaves us with a feeling of bliss and liberty.


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Also, don’t forget that Mr. C will grace San Diego with his presence behind the 1s&2s on August 12th atop the lovely Stingaree Rooftop, noon till sunset.