The Movement Torino Music Festival will span the course of 8 days in the beautiful city of Torino, Italy. The festival, which made its way from Detroit years ago, is back for its 7th appearance in Torino with a lineup that boasts some of the top names in the electronic music industry. The weeklong festival features round-the-clock musical, educational and cultural events, held in a variety of creative and unique venues throughout the. The venues, located in various institutional and academic buildings, promote the exploration of space and sound, making this one of the most unique festivals in Europe.

October 27

The opening party will be hosted by Circo Loco at Lumiq Movie Studios. Historically, Lumiq was the first movie studio in Italy and will offer an enormous space for this event, perfect for a night of hard-hitting electronic music. This extraordinary venue will host talents such as Réne, Sossa, The Martinez Brothers and Seth Troxler.

October 28

The Superga 101 Birthday Party will take place at The National Automobile Museum. The museum’s plaza boasts an open floor plan, and will feature the likes of RedRob, Tsusa, Andrés (Detroit, USA) and San Propper live (NL).

October 30

In a change of pace, symphonic sounds of Brandt Brauer Frick will be the main attraction here. This concert will be held in the famous Conservatorio di G. Verdi. Brandt Brauer Frick’s layers of harmonic instrumentals will sound superb in the acoustically tuned space, specifically designed for music.

October 31

On this day, the festival forks and there will be two separate events: one in Torino and one in Rome. The Rome event will be held in the elegant Salone delle Fontane. The capital’s 1930s Congress District will be transformed into a music arena hosting some of the world’s finest DJs: Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, The Martinez Brothers, and Tanzmann.

The event being held at the Torino Expo Pavilion will feature two stages of music. The apex of the festival, this night features a long list of heavy-hitters, including Cobblestone Jazz live, Shaun Reeves, Maetrik, Tale of Us, Davide Squillace, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, and 2manyDJs.

November 1

Trax Magazine will host the Trax Morning party with a warm up set by Misty Rabbit of Trax Magazine and performances by Dixon & friends. The event will be held in the Jam Club, Murazzi, one of the premier nightclubs in Torino.

November 2

A headline of the Festival, the Detroit Party is a true treat.  This party will feature Marcellus Pittman and John Heckle live. The venue has yet to be named, but is sure to be just as impressive as the other unique venues throughout the week.

The final, closing event will, however, be held at Jam Club and will be headlined by Derrick May and Apollonia. This night will cap off 8 days of incredible musical and cultural experiences in the amazing city of Torino. If you’re in Italy during this time, we highly suggest you participate in this incredible festival.



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27th October Opening Circo Loco Party with: Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Sossa, Réne
at Lumiq (extraordinary venue: 1st Movie Studios of Italy

28th October Superga 101 Bday Party
with: San Propper live (NL), Andrés (Detroit, USA), RedRob, Tsusa
Location: The National Automobile Museum

30th October Cultural Event
with: Brandt Brauer Frick In Concert
Location: Conservatorio “G.Verdi” 


31st October: Main Event
with: Chris Liebing, 2manyDJs, Dubfire, Davide Squillace, Tale of Us, Shaun Reeves, Maetrik, Cobblestone Jazz live
Location: Torino Expo pavillon 5 (2 stages)

31st October: Main Event
with: Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Martinez Brothers, Tanzmann
Location: Salone delle Fontane

1st November:
Trax Morning Party: warm up by Misty Rabbit (Trax magazine)
with: Dixon & friends
Location: Jam Club, Murazzi, Torino

2nd November: Detroit Party
with: Marcellus Pittman, John Heckle live
Location: t.b.c.

3rd November Closing Party
with: Apollonia, Derrick May, resident DJs
Location: Jam Club, Murazzi, Torino

Chris Rancourt is a San Diego resident, and regularly writes for on all things deep house and tech.