We were so impressed when we heard London duo Mounter & Mifi’s first sounds of 2014 off Save You Records last month, and their new Temper EP on Hypercolour offshoot Losing Suki stays true to form with their own breed of ‘Analog Rave Music.’ 

Heavy sounds on this one for the darker scenes and abundantly bass driven mixes.  “Temper” is cinematic and jackin’ while “Fiercely Pretty” has an elastic groove that will sink its teeth into the dancefloor.  Pretty sure ‘100 Snares’ has my vote with its abyss-like soundscape and echoing percussive grind…

We have our eye on this duo and you should too! Order the 12” from Juno and add these cuts to your collection <3

Artist: Mounter & Mifi
Title: Temper
Label: Losing Suki
Release Date: March 3rd, 2014
Catalogue #: SUKI014