Next up at Monday Social, Long time friend and world class dj, Danny Howells, who’s humble, unique and inspiring nature are only a few of the words that can describe this true legend of dance music.  His music will whisk you away on an emotional roller coaster filled with rare gems that delight your ears with excitement and nostalgia.

MNS has been fortunate over the years to not only host but also experience the genius that is Mr. Danny Howells. His journeyman mixes are what has set him apart from the masses, an art attempted by many but only brought to life by a select few.

Danny’s ability to peak emotions in one moment and then seamlessly transform a dance floor into one cohesive thought all the while leading a parade of pulsating baselines and hypnotic melodies is an experience that will leave you in awe and thankful for the journey into musical Narnia.

Known to few Mr. Howells spent his earlier years working as a psychiatric nurse in a hospital.  A job he loved, as he was able to work in a team that relied heavily on each other with the common goal to ease the suffering of others.  This experience taught Danny to be non-judgmental and to come from a place of love.

His Djing embodies this same notion that is undeniable when you are wrapped in the sound that is Danny Howells.  Join us this Monday with the Global Underground legend and really nice guy for an unforgettable night of music and love with your MNS family.

Monday Night Social Presents:

Featured Guest from London,


Danny Howells • Live at Monday Social

LA Underground Radio Show w/ Benajamin Beck


HOURS: Mon, Nov 30th, 10pm – 3am • 21+ w/ ID

ADVANCED TICKETS are available for only $10 and valid for all night entry HERE

RSVP valid for FREE Admission before 10:30 by texting the word MNS to 545454 or register online HERE

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