In the midst of his breakthrough North American tour with sold out dates across the continent, Brazilian sensation Mochakk has taken the dance scene by storm in 2022. Alongside his instant-classic performances, he’s proven himself to be a production maestro which is readily apparent on “Da Fonk,” a sweltering house tune that arrives via the esteemed Nervous Records. Featuring intensely soulful vocals from Joni, the encompassing production transcends time as classic percussive snaps are woven through a forward-thinking groove. It’s the type of creative excellence that is making Mochakk a skyrocketing talent across the world, from the studio to the stage.

Mochakk explains, “I’m really happy about releasing ‘Da Fonk’ on Nervous! It’s undoubtedly one of the best house tunes I’ve made to date, and being able to make it join the classic tunes on the Nervous catalog is perfect! Happy to be a part of the label’s long history!”

Born Pedro Maia, Mochakk is a 22-year-old sensation whose thrilling persona behind the decks matches his prolific production. Growing up in the midst of fashion, hip-hop, and skating culture, he attended fashion school for six months and found his musical start as a beatmaker before eventually pivoting to electronic music full-time. Following his discovery of house music in particular, he became a dedicated student of the genre and used that to his advantage as he progressively made waves in his home country of Brazil, both as a meticulous producer and mesmerizing performer.

In recent months, his presence has gone global as he’s embarked upon an expansive North American tour with multiple sold out dates in tow, dominated a laundry list of festivals internationally, done B2B sets with the likes of Vintage Culture, and is now headed toward a slot at the sacred stages of Ibiza this summer. With standout releases like “False Need” via Black Book alongside an exponentially growing fanbase with over 1 million followers, not to mention a smash forthcoming remix for The Martinez Brothers and a brilliant collaboration with the ever-inventive Chloé Caillet, Mochakk is prepared for his breakout moment in the underground and the main stage alike.