Katermukke tap up the man of the moment Miyagi for a heady new tune that features vocalist Shawni and is backed up with a pair of great remixes by the label head Dirty Doering & Niconé.

The original is a punchy house track with tight, pinging kick drums. A meandering lead synth walks over the face of the tune and the vocals come in to take you to a higher plane. Hello Darkness feat. Shawni (Dirty Doering Remix) offers up a slightly more energetic and prickly vibe to the original. The keys are edgy, the chords taught, the whole vibe more suited for the peak of the night when the dancefloor is in full swing.  Last of all comes the most slow, deep and atmospheric tune of the lot with the Niconé Remix. It has broad synths sweeping across the face of the tune, charring drums and a heavenly sense of awakening that leaves you feeling refreshed. This is an essential EP to get in your collection.

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