Melbourne-born, LA-based producer Mild Minds has unveiled a full remix package for his LP MOOD, out now via Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records.

An eight-track release, MOOD Remixes opens with the glistening synths of lo-fi house breakout star DJ Boring’s fizzing club cut of ‘MOVEMENTS’. The EP continues with fellow Australian prolific producer Kite String Tangle’s hard hitting take on ‘EMBRACER’.

Further highlights include Hidden Spheres’ carefree remix of ‘DOPAMINE’, Foreign Family Collective act Hanz emotive take on ‘OBLIVIOUS’, and Laurence Guy’s breakbeat-utilising edit of ‘VIEWS’.

The record also features three tracks that have already been released as singles, with London-based DJ and producer Throwing Snow crafting a darker, more atmospheric take on ‘WALLS’, Canadian artist Jacques Greene turning ‘DESTINATIONS’ into an emotive, club-ready jam and Grammy-nominated producer ford. delivering an introspective version of ‘SWIM’.

“Remixes have always been an important part of the musical picture for me. My career in music started with remixing other artists so I’m always intrigued to see how an artist reinterprets a track. Often the new life it can give a track, can turn out even better than the original,” Mild Minds previously explained.

He added, “We were able to lock down remixes by many of the artists I was inspired by while making the original record, which makes it feel like everything has come full circle and really helps to complete the picture that I had for this record.”

Released in March, MOOD was underpinned by the polished brand of ambient electronica that Mild Minds has made his own. The nine-track LP marked the follow-up to SWIM, the Grammy nominated Australian’s first release under the moniker Mild Minds, released in 2018.. The Australian also embarked on a three-date North American mini-tour with Tycho pre-COVID, playing shows in Oakland, Santa Cruz and LA earlier this year.

The MOOD remix package sees Mild Minds’ latest album reinterpreted by some of dance music’s most innovative talents.

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