[Free Download] Ever since Lightning in a Bottle Festival, my immense passion and love for techno and tech house has been resurrected and reborn to a whole other level. Where I once thrived on the swaying sounds of light and airy music, took over the thirst and lust for harder and faster. San Diego local Mikey Lion is one of the main reasons for this overwhelming hunger for tech. Tribe Leader of Jungle, a north county based techno, deep, tech and dark house crew, Mikey Lion has been slowly converting me ever since I fist heard him blessing the decks at Lovelife parties. My growing love led me into the Jungle when they brought Wildkats to San Diego and then the climax hit at THE WOOGIE. The Woogie, the mecca, the shrine to all blissful beats the weekend of Lightning in a Bottle is where I first truly experienced where sweet tantalizing techie treats could transport me. Out of my body and out of my mind, lost in the fast paced foot stomping beats … I found a new LOVE. Months of courtship and flirtation with tech had led to the culmination of a full blown romance, and man, I’m still in the honeymoon glow! A self-proclaimed Wu-Tang lover to the death, Mikey combines his two loves to create one of his first original tracks, ‘We Form Like Voltron’. Riding high on the new wave of gangsta house, this track’s debut is warmly welcomed at the perfect time. This tracks embodies the sound and style that are so sublimely original to this top hat sportin Lion, so uniquely him. It’s only the beginning for sir Mikey Lion and damn, we can’t wait to see what beats he blesses us with next.