Ready for a winter warmer? Sense Traxx are rounding off an incredible 2018 of music here with Motor City’s very own Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark & Angel-A. You won’t soon forget the soul story of this song as Detroit native, Angel-A, delivers with inimitable vocal power the anthem ‘Believe’! Hands will be lifted… Everyone’s really excited about this at Sense HQ and it’s been a struggle to keep it under wraps!

So, Believe. Where do we start? It’s just fantastic: a proper slab of uplifting house music – the piano riff alone is enough for goosebumps, then you’ve got a powerful reach-for-the-lasers vocal and an organ to give it that groovy feel. Throw in a bassline that’s funkier than James Brown’s underpants and you’ll know for sure that if you want to smile in the dance, this’ll do it for you!

On remix duties Sense have called in UK House heavyweight, Scott Diaz. Scott is lucky enough to split his time between Brighton and Philadelphia, and those flavours combine in his cut of Believe. Tightening up the drums and beefing up the bottom end, he keeps the UK and the US influence in the keys and excellent use of the vocals. It’s a proper sizzler. Bumpy and lush: get this in your gills.

Rounding off the package is our very own Simon Shaw. Simon’s take on Believe is, as you would expect, a little different. A roller from the start – the bassline drives this one forward alongside excellent housey stabs and relentless driving drums. The vocals arrive precisely when they need to, nestling nicely into the groove. This can be either a late-night tuff one or a midnight heater. Treat it as you will! 

Remember, always use Sense Traxx records responsibly. Have fun, party hard but don’t forget to go home!

Believe is out now via Sense Traxx!





– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor