Miguelle & Tons from Two And A Half Cats have joined us in an open conversation about their inspiration, music and the new EP released on the label, La Entrada al Paraíso.

Hey guys, great to meet you! How are things with you both right now?

M: Hi, Thank you for this interview. Things are very well; We are focused every day on being a better human and Artist to give you unforgettable experiences.

T: Grateful and very well, thank God. We have been growing a lot in the last few months, creating music and producing event experiences in Miami.

Tell us about growing up in Venezuela and how you got into music – was it there or via radio or internet or when you left?

M: When I was a kid, my parents got me into music lessons, piano, choir, etc. As the years went by, I became interested in the world of DJs; I listened to the radio a lot, bought electronic music CDs, and started having my party at home. It was crazy because many people came, and everything went up a level step by step until we got to where we are now.

T: I was always surrounded by music. My family are music lovers; many of them sing or play different instruments. I spent my days listening to them and getting inspired to find a way to express my love for music. In 2007 I started as a DJ; I went through all the stages of growth that gave me the key to begin touring Venezuela from mid-2012.

What is the scene in Venezuela? What sounds are famous, are there good underground parties?

M: I left Venezuela some years ago; the electronic scene was declining because of all the problems there. So I don’t know what is happening nowadays. But I can assure you that some great Venezuelan artists represent the country around the world.

T: For many years, our country had a pretty solid underground scene, with parties, festivals, clubs every week, visited by big names, but all this was changing because of all the problems Venezuela faces. We don’t lose faith that everything will change, and we can build a new era of music and events there.

Is there a specific sound that is unique there, a particular take on house and techno that separates it from the rest of the world, you think?

M&T: We focus on implementing our sound to the world. We feel it is unique with many flavors and house-minimal bases without leaving aside our Latin essence, which characterizes us.

Tell us about what inspired or influenced the tunes on Two and a Half Cats Records, where you started on them.

M&T: Our inspiration comes from the desire to share new music with the world and make them dance with our rhythms, which influences Salsa, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, always keeping the underground spiritual game.

Miguelle, why work with Tons? What makes it work?

M: We have been excellent friends since we started playing in Venezuela around nine years ago. He’s a great music producer and  DJ that always wants to expand his knowledge. He is my Family.

How long have you produced together, who does what, do you each have your sound?

M&T: Our first track together was in 2019 when I moved to Miami; we started living together; since then, we’ve been working a lot on music every day. It’s been a fast and effective evolution process. We both are very versatile, and we don’t limit ourselves. We love to create Basses, Melodies, Drums, anything.

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Check out their latest E.P La Entrada al Paraíso.