2015 is set to be a big year for Dilate Records kicking off with a masterpiece from Microluxe. We are also very happy to have Jade (No.19) & Borrowed Time (You Are We) remixes to complete this outstanding release. Microluxe have used every part of their musical knowledge to make this original a true gem. Added vocals from Ernesto Lisabetta give this track a fresh and current feel, with fluently compressed percussion throughout, low pitched bass line and a top quality synth to put the icing on the cake. The first remix coming from Jade has got a rolling terrace feel to the rhythm which straight away creates an atmosphere of true intelligence, panning synths and distorted vocals that take you straight on the musical journey you’ve been craving. Borrowed Time have gone with a high level of production quality and strong melodic live sounding percussion mixed up with heavy growling bass notes and short verbed vocals. Both remixes compliment the EP amazingly, making it one not to be missed!


Artist:  Microluxe
Title:  0.13
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR013