Moda Black enlist the services of Mia Dora for their next EP, a duo made up of a former front man of a notorious Glaswegian punk band, the other a meticulously precise studio guru with creative flair way beyond the majority. They each have formidable solo discographies and together make for one of the most exciting duos of the day. The Clear single they serve up here comes with remixes from house luminary DJ T and Radio 1 stars Jaymo & Andy George.

We are told that for every Mia Dora track that sees the light of day, there are 100 that don’t, meaning the quality of their output is never less than pure quality. There’s plenty of evidence of that in ‘Clear’, a shivering end-of-the-night song that achieves fullness through the sonic refinement of each and every sound within it. It’s a swirling chamber of emotional sound and reverb that sweeps you off your feet. Simple but insanely effective, this is a true modern classic that will sound as good in 10 years time as it does today. First up on remix duties is former Get Physical boss and Groove Mag founder DJ T. He strips out some of the ghostly emotion and reworks things from the bottom up into a silvery and slinky tech house number with taught bass and drums, glistening hi hats and an epic breakdown that strikes right to your soul. Label bosses Jaymo & Andy George – a duo very much responsible for defining the zeitgeist thanks to their radio work and DJ sets – transform the track into something a little more club ready, with cut up beats and percussion and plenty of serene pads cutting through the jangling groove. Its still emotive, but a deep bass line and cute synth skills make it that bit more propulsive. This is another fine package from Moda Black that offers three different cuts for three different situations, all of which are standout.


Artist:  Mia Dora
Title:  Clear
Label:  Moda Black
Catalog No.:  MB016


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