MTK006 comes from Mexico with Metrika and Bastard Love teaming up for a two original track EP on Motek Music, “Numbers” and “As A Fiction”. Adding to the release we welcome Louie Fresco and Paneoh aka Shall Ocin on the remixes. “Numbers” takes on the darker tone of the two tracks. A punchy, crisp beats section supplies the foundation between which the softly textured bass sits. Tight hi-hats and a sharp shaker add the feeling of speed to the piece, contrasting well with the slower grooving kick and snare parts. Over this, the attitude of the track is built with a saw bass/lead line adding movement through groove to the production, and supplying one of the key main features. Over a constant string pad, a second higher lead line develops in as the music progresses, adding new elements and interest points to the track, complimenting the harsh textured, almost spoken, vocal. “As A Fiction” is a bouncy, lighter production. Sharp stabs and light percussive block tones provide this, alongside crisp kick, snare and open hi-hat parts. Again as in “Numbers” the bass has a softer texture to it, allowing space for the vocal and lead sections to stand out. This lead section compromised of a lightly chorusing synth, syncopated against the stabs, create the focal point of the track alongside the fuller vocals. Both Louie Fresco and Paneoh have put their take to “As A Fiction”. Louie Fresco takes the track deeper, and faster in feel. Quick moving hi-hat sections and 16th note arpeggiating synth parts drive the track forward, while on top of a lower bass line, the lead for the track takes on an almost melodic bass feel. Synth effects and stabs add variety and feature points to the production, developing the track under cut up parts of the original vocal. Paneoh, an alter ego of Shall Ocin, has taken the track to the ‘straight up’ House range. Open hi-hat’s and clap/snare parts provide the structure on which the synth electric piano stab section sits between. The bass line takes it’s cue from this stab line, along with following the vocal tune, and together provide punch and clarity in the mix. A release that provides something for all set time hours or listening environments.


Artist:  Metrika & Bastard Love
Title:  Numbers/As A Fiction
Label:  Motek
Catalog No.:  MTK006