Sağol hits its 11th release with another tasteful EP featuring originals from Russian artist Meshes and a remix from Mu-ga R and MVQX.

Joy bangs the box hard from the off. The drums fizzled, the synths are coarse and dark vocals are stitched in for extra tension. It is a bulky techno cut with real force. Мы Дикие, Мы Стадо is a brilliantly crispy breakbeat banger with slapping perc and flashing acid lines, monstrous vocal tones and raw energy. Joy (Muga Remix) becomes something just as intense and heavy, with drilling bass and squelchy acid lines firing your every synapse. Мы Дикие, Мы Стадо (MVQX Pattern Chain Remix) closes with a more stripped back and minimal but just atmospheric, icy cold techno sound.

These are subversive and stylish tunes, make no mistake.

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