Filth On Acid is a long sanding label that has worked with some of the best in the game such as Carl Cox. Until now it has only dealt in hot 12”s and singles only. But with the release of Big Thoughts Like Elephants from Dutch producer Mees Salome, all that changes. 

This is a first full length on the label and from the acclaimed artist. As such the dancefloor is not always the focus, and the tracks take you on more of a thoughtful and melodic journey to the edges of the galaxy across twelve well produced and original tracks. 

The thoughtful and melodic mood is struck from the off with Natural, a nice soft opener with great builds and real atmosphere. The more long form tracks are interspersed with shorter ambient interludes that twinkle like beautiful night skies. Like A Flock of Birds in the Sky is one of the best with a real feeling of flight as you are carried away on his well orchestrated synths and keys. 

Elsewhere there are great house cuts that will get the club moving such as Children of Men, more dreamy ambient like Crybaby and then sunny house tunes like Only. The whole thing adds up to a very real musical trip that takes you through a range of moods and grooves in real style. 

Big Thoughts Like Elephants is out now! Grab it here: