MEDUZA have chosen the legendary venue Avant Gardner in New York to showcase their first live performance, drawing on the city’s rich heritage in being the genesis of house music, dating back to the Paradise Garage, Twilo and other trailblazing hotspots crucial to the story of dance music.


The Italian trio comprised of Mattia Vitale, Simone Giani and Luca De Gregorio are ready to ignite The Grand Hall with a show that marks the beginning of a new benchmark and musical era for the producers: an epic journey in three dimensions.


MEDUZA, for the first time, will bring to the stage a complete live concert comprised of their greatest hits that have made fans dance in every corner of the planet: from the multi-certified singles; Piece Of Your Heart, Lose Control and Paradise, up to the latest release Tell It To My Heart with Hozier. MEDUZA have now fully entered the Mount Olympus of international dance music, consecrating themselves as the only Italian artists present in the Top 20 of the most listened to albums of the 2021 on Spotify and reaching the incredible milestone of over eight billion streams worldwide.


The show promises to include majestic scenography and innovative visuals which will enhance the adrenaline-filled aural journey, during which MEDUZA will cross the boundaries of their own music as never before with both unreleased and their most recognised global hits. ODIZZEA is therefore an exploratory journey and a symbol of a departure but also of a return to the truest origins of electronic music. ODIZZEA is a mental predisposition to know and discover, savouring the beauty of experience in all dimensions of human senses.


The culmination of a lifetime of love for electronic music is apparent for the three producers, who affirm:


“We have been working on this project for some time, in which we strongly believe because for us it represents an evolution of who we are. This for us is the beginning of a new era, that of Meduza 2.0. We think the time has come to play live in front of our audience to allow them to savour an experience that yes, has a beginning and an end, but which is more like a journey, a total immersion in what it is for us. the concept of ODIZZEA “.


Ready to conquer the world with the sound of the future, MEDUZA does not intend to stop,


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