[Release] Arising from the famed All I Day Dream parties by Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay, a label by the same name has become the source for some of the most hypnotic compositions over the past year. The unforgettable “Fur Die Liebe” master piece that serves as a center piece track at many of Burridge and Dekay’s parties has left the duo a very hard uphill battle to produce subsequent tracks of this caliber. I remember the first time I heard the duo play the track and the attention it commanded over the audience amidst the sunset and magic hour of twilight. Ever since then, somehow, Burridge and Dekay have managed to release tracks like “Lost in a Moment” on Innervisions imprint & now ADID 003 with tracks that perfectly compliment the momentum and grandeur of their previous releases.

ADID 003 opens with Burridge & Dekay’s “Holding On”, a dark and minor keyed journey into a foreign land with a distant vocal melody that invokes their signature hypnosis over the listener. Truly, there are few artists who possess the understanding of what elements need to be included or not included in a track to achieve the kind of effect the ADID tracks have. Accompanying this gem is also a dub version if you, for someone unfathomable reason, do not vibe well with the vocal.

The second track on 003 is Faut Pas Deconner‘s “Afterhour Olympics”, a more bassline prominent, minimal/clicky track also tuned to a minor-keyed melody. It seems the goal of the ADID releases is to transport one to a foreign land, albeit the land of ones imagination, but a foreign land nonetheless. These tracks, used correctly and at the right moment, will be the difference between great and magical sets for many parties around the globe.




Artist: Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge & Faut Pas Deconner
Title:  All Day I Dream 003
Label:  All Day I Dream
Catalog No.:  ADID003


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