It is no doubt that Matt Tolfrey is responsible for some of the wonderful sounds we have submerged ourselves in on the dance floor. Creator and Owner of Leftroom Records, Tolfrey has a broad range of taste when it comes to House and Techno. Influential in and outside of the clubs, he has had collaborations with other big names in house, such as James Teej, Marshall Jefferson, and Kevin Knapp.

His energy, love, and vision in music proves itself with his newest three cut EP Release on Jonny White’s No.19 Label.

‘Oxytocin’ has a flow of techno synths, a dark wandering groove and definitely keeps it creepy with the underlining beats. ‘Eye of the Tiger’, takes the tempo up a notch with the bouncing claps and drums, a perfect tech-house jam. Last but not least, ‘Lets See Double’ gives us access into a gloomy acid funk tale that is sure to enter your subconscious with its vintage, haunting vocal sample.

It is combinations like these that can make any fellow music lover happy!


Artist: Matt Tolfrey
Release Date: 2015-02-19
Label: No.19 Music