This summer marked the start to a break out year for Mexa Records. Their first release featured Lee Foss, making them one of the premier labels in the deep house industry from the get go. Now, with their upcoming 5th release, they look to solidify this position as one of top labels in the industry. The forthcoming release by Leeds native Matt Fear is one of the heaviest EPs off of Mexa thus far. The six song collection will feature two original tracks by Matt Fear as well as remixes by Louie Fresco, Kreature, Clinton Houlker, and a collab between Delia Ros & Pollo.

The title track off the EP, ‘That Girl,’ grabs you right from the start. Its looping vocal samples are addictive and keep you listening. Then, as the song progresses, a deep reverberating bass line begins to cloak you in its heavily laden resonance. The haunting feelings created by the vibrations send shivers throughout your entire body.

The second track of the EP, ‘Shuffle,’ combines elements of techno, house and funk. The tune, driven by a sharp snare and a thumping kick, lead the listener through its complex weirdness.  Strange modulated synths begin to fill the space of the track, giving it a round, full sound. As the song begins to build, a funky bass line commences to take control of the flow.

This incredible release is sure to see lots attention in the coming months. It is set to release October 24.


Christopher is a contributor to Mi4L. He is currently a staff writer for Soundlogik as their deep house/tech house correspondent.