My Favorite Robot Records turn to the acclaimed Canadian house and techno producer that is Mateo Murphy for a new five track EP that explores the boundaries of quality electronic music. Murphy has been active since the late 90s on labels like Turbo and Reconstructed but has been relatively quiet in recent years. This new EP marks a welcome return for a truly talented producer. Up first is ‘Focus,’ a languorous bit of elastic and dubbed out house music with twinkling melodies and bold bass strokes. Careful filter use allow rays of globular synth to beam into the mix and add another layer of depth and colour. The dub version is that bit more stripped back and menacing with its granny chords and heady rhythms, then conjures up a heavenly, blissed out atmosphere with its celestial pads and chaired, starry melodies. ‘Apex’ marries arpeggiated keys that rise up through a glassy scale with icy hi hats and a nimble one note bassline. Uplifting and clean, crisp and expertly melodic, this one really will sooth dance floors when dropped at the right time. The dub version is just as melodically well programmed but the bassline this time round is that bit more grounded and menacing. It’s been a while since the world heard from Mateo but this latest missive proves he is a welcome voice int he global electronic conversation.


Artist:  Mateo Murphy
Title:  Focus EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR120