No question, MATCHY personifies modern, deep and dynamic techno and house. With a profound sense and a highly empathic absorption, MATCHY sprinkled continuously sales charts and leading playlists with dozens of significant releases with different projects over the past years.

Now he is back on his home label KATERMUKKE, imprint of Dirty Doering and delivers an elaborate and complex sound build again and so as you can guess brings us a very big release coantaining four melodic tracks.

Matchy – Bodytalk – KATER217

His newest EP ‚Bodytalk‘ starts with the equally named track. It is featuring Johanson to add a calm vocal layer on top of the atmospheric subs and energetic arpeggios.

‚Wrong Turn’ comes with the classic heavy and rolling Matchy sound. Disillusioning sounds come in and out combined with very spacious synths that convey a very nighty dance atmosphere.

The next track ‚Salvation’ subtly adds a vibe of trance not only because of the bassline but also due to the long pads. The final track is called ‚Capital of your Dreams’ and features the talented singer and producer Felix Raphael. Due to his impressive use of voice it is this the most emotional track of the EP. A great release full of inspiration and energetic drive.

Artists: MATCHY
Title: Bodytalk EP
Catalogue: KATER217
Release Date: 2020-07-24