MASON Collective is a UK group making real waves. They put on their own sell out parties and now get a huge leg up with a massive release on the legendary Stacey Pullen’s Blackflag recordings out of Detroit. All three tracks really make a big mark. 

Picking a favourite is hard as each of the cuts has its own charm, Opener Patti’s Groove is all about visceral and punchy drums. They drill home for seven minutes and keep you on your toes as windy bass underpins it and icy hi hats dance up top. Try That Groove then extends for ten minutes of elastic, sweat inducing house with razor sharp percussion and off beat dial tones that bring colour to the driving kicks. It’s high octane stuff with real power in it. Bobbit closes things down with clattering hits, muffled vocals bring the energy and more massive drums that slam home and demand you get involved. Overall, then, a huge EP. 

Patti’s Groove is out now! Grab it here: