The Toolroom family latest project sees the unveiling of a 100 percent digitally video with contributions from over 150 fans on lock down across the world, as Mark Knight partners alongside The Melody Men, Laura Davie and the House Gospel Choir to deliver ‘If It’s Love’ on his home imprint.

Featuring a total of 165 submissions from the UK, USA and Canada and across Europe, the ‘If It’s Love’ video includes Toolroom staff, relatives, artists and fans alike, all dancing and lip-synching  to the uplfiting cut. The Project showcases the passion and family-orientated feel that Knight and Toolroom’s fanbase has become synonymous with over the years.

“The idea of the video was to embody the spirit of the Toolroom Family. We’ve always wanted to break down the barrier between the label and our fans, and a natural extension of this in the current climate was to invite them to be part of this music video. Seeing people of all ages, across the world get involved was quite overwhelming, and it’s reminded us how music has the power to unite people, and be a force for positivity. Mark Knight

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