[New Release]  Nurvous Records are relentless when it comes to releasing amazing music and on a monthly basis they continue to release record after record of top choice music.  Up next in their arsenal is Mario Basanov who delivers the goods with Damn Girl/Skywalker.  New and hip for a modern disco world, we get two awesome original tracks accompanied by dub and remixes from Walker & Royce and Beckwith.

‘Damn Girl’ is a seductively smooth track with that nu disco feel that gets your feet floating over the dance floor.  A catchy melody along with some well placed vocals make this track a dance floor sensation.  Walker & Royce provide an excellent remix that has tons of groove and funk with stellar atmosphere.  In addition, there is also an awe inspiring dub version.  ‘Skywalker’ takes me back to the days of classic drum machines and beat boxes.  A sultry soulful track with a retro feel that is simply seductive.  Beckwith takes this track and gives it a more modern feel while still holding onto that retro feel.  Another great production, this one is a great track to set the mood.

Another magnificent release to add to the Nurvous Catalog, they always seem to amaze me with all the quality they release, and this is another great effort from Mario.


Artist:  Mario Basanov
Title:  Damn Girl/Skywalker
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22578

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