DIRTYBIRD fans are rejoicing as Marc Houle makes his second appearance on the label since 2017, this time with his very own EP titled “Min and Soda.” The Canadian DJ is known for his ability to impress with truly live DJ sets: something that takes years of dedication and vast understanding of electronic music. Houle’s knowledge and passion for music are exemplified in his new EP, as both tracks beg for attention.

The EP opener, “Min and Soda”, is a splendid dive into the unique and miles away from a cookie-cutter tech-house track. Offbeat synths play with our senses as the song gets progressively more trippy. Houle finds inspiration in vintage video game sounds, but the track still maintains a future-tech vibe.

“Car and Driver” is the second track on the EP and is equally unique. Houle hijacks our senses with this one, and from start to finish we become a passenger in his fast-paced car racing through an acid-inspired game, never able to guess the approaching twists and turns. Both tracks on Houle’s “Min and Soda” are a divine addition on the DIRTYBIRD label and pleasurable departure from your day-to-day beats and drops.