[New Release] With solid releases on smaller imprints such as 8Bit and Katchuli and DJ sets at Ibiza staples Space and Privilege, Manuel Moreno has become a highly praised underground up and comer. His next release, Come With Me on Hannover imprint Yippiee, shows no signs of him losing steam.

Title track and opener “Come With Me” starts off hard and heavy. Crisp kicks and snares, grimey synths and a low end bass line that rumbles in the background are all used to pump the song along. However, these features of the production are simply the backbone of the track.  The focus of the song, and what really makes it stand out, are in the details layered upon the backbone. Spaced out key stabs mixed with steel drum percussion and an alluring vocal sample provide a perfect dance groove. The mood changes slightly when a set of haunting strings come in for the break, but one by one all the elements come back in, setting up a bomb of a drop.

Yippiee label heads, Filtertypen, reinterpret “Come With Me,” offering a stripped down take on the song. A “smooth rolling groove” persists throughout the duration of the song while a combination of the strings from the original, echoing fx, and reverbing claps create an expansive environment.

“Hello Bernhard” has a much more old-school house music feel with a warm groove layered on top. Jacked beats provide the forward motion of the track while warm synths smooth out the track to make it pool-side worthy. On the flip side, Normen Hood‘s remix of the track is more suitable for night time play. Sounds reversal, reverb, and sweeping rain effects give Hood’s reinterpretation a darker, creepier feel.

Come With Me closes with “I”m Sorry,” another darkly tinged production. Moreno isn’t shy about applying heavy delay and reverb to create a “cavernous effect” throughout the song. A haunting vocal throughout accentuates the darkness, making “Sorry” a perfect addition to any after-hours set.

Come With Me is one of those records that delves into a variety of styles and emotions, and showcases an artist’s variations, of which Moreno seems to have plenty.


Artist Name: Manuel Moreno
Title: Come With Me
Record Label: Yippiee
Release Date: August 20
Catalog Number: YPE006