“Rocket” – the title of Manuel Bayer’s latest track succinctly sums up what you can expect musically: Rocket sound. With a driving sound that goes forward, he takes you into other atmospheres. The rhythmic interplay of hard kicks and bass with the incoming, positive melody is typical of Manuel’s DaisyTech sound. The built-in vocals make the track a real earworm that won’t let you go anytime soon.

The story behind the track is the awakening of the world. After a long, hard time, people can now breathe a sigh of relief and start again with new strength. People want to go out again, experience something and have fun. Manuel Bayer wants to pick up the dance people with his track and take them on a journey through the galaxy. All the problems of the past are forgotten in weightlessness and are hardly visible even from space. The rocket will take us to a new, better time, where we can celebrate life exuberantly again.

So get on board and take off with Manuel’s latest track!