Mantu makes his debut on Kindisch with the ‘Fever Rhapsody’ EP, including a remix from Kindisch regulars, Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler. MANTU’s original mix of ‘Fever Rhapsody’ begins slowly, with more and more percussion and bass being added as the track grows, providing a lengthy build up. Gradually, the elements begin to come together alongside a euphoric synth, and up the tempo of the track. This is a great late night tune that would create tension and take any dancefloor by storm. Next up we have Nick Galemore & Gregor Trierweiler with their take on the track. They remix gets straight into it, and with full intension the strong kick drums and percussive elements do what they are designed to do; make you move. The track doesnt take too much away from the original as many remixes do, a great addition to the EP!


Artist:  Mantu
Title:  Fever Rhapsody
Label:  Kindisch
Catalog No.:  KD071