[Release]  MANIK is back with his third release on the prestigious LA-based label, Culprit.  A producer in high demand, MANIK gives us four all-new original tracks on Ten Times Ten.  A great musical work, it’s clear why Culprit brought him back for this latest release.

‘Breakfast Club’ is a wonderful blend of nu disco and deep. Voxed vocals, a warm bass line, and stellar vibes makes this track an instant hit. Fuzzy bass and tones give a nice feel to ‘Heartbeat,’ which gets those feet in a dancing mood.  ‘Wave Eclectic’ is a perfect name for this song, with its new wave synth feel, eclectic tones, and hints of acid. To finish things off MANIK delivers with the kick-backed lounger ‘These Days.’  A smooth track to to get your groove on, this is a great track to get the night started right.

Another quality release from Culprit and MANIK, these two are driving forces in the dance community and will continue to be.


Artist:  MANIK
Title:  Ten Times Ten EP
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP029

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