[New Releases] Nurvous Records is a label that can’t be stopped.  Releasing hit after hit continuously throughout the year, we get their next hit supplied by MANIK. Already a big name in the scene, it’s no wonder why Nurvous recalls this man who delivers once again with Parasol.  In addition, Climbers and Cosmonauts both supply awesome remixes, as well as an extra instrumental track, which wraps up this record nicely.

‘Parasol’ is a fresh and funky track with tight grooves and smooth moves.  Entrancing vocals by Jeremy Glenn with an even catchier chorus makes this mega-jam an instant classic.  The prodigious Climbers are back with another incredible remix for Nurvous.  Adding a heavier bass line, cutting and reworking the vocals just right and giving it that hot sexican sound, make this remix another amazing piece to add to their catalog.  Cosmonauts also deliver with a nice upbeat remix, with beautiful synths and a sweet dash of Nu Disco.  For those of you who are not too into vocals, they toss in a flirtatious instrumental version which finishes off the record perfectly.

A great track with some solid remixes make this a great release from start to finish. An excellent showing from all parties, Nurvous Records will continue to  bring us great music as well as all these artists.


Artist:  MANIK
Title:  Parasol Feat. Jeremy Glenn
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22623

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