LA’s latest dance instigators, Plastic Love Records, open their checking account with an EP from label co-founder Jimmy Maheras. He starts the dance with the deep and grooving “Man From Another Place”, which leads you to the floor with it’s light and bouncy groove, before blasting you into the cosmos with sci-fi synths and astral breakdowns. While you’re floating free at the limit of our solar system, Maheras only goes and trips you out with the zero gravity bump of “Arecibo”. Working up from shuffling drum programming and a low slung bass groove to kaleidoscopic acid funk. On the flip, dancefloor cosmonaut Timothy J Fairplay crunches down the original melody of “The Man From Another Place” and throws it over the famed amen break to transform the original into a peak time monster. Strands of ‘ardcore, industrial, synthwave and ALFOS wind together into a beast of a track that’ll light up any darkened room. For the finale, Cottam gives us something for very late in the session.


Artist:  Maheras
Title:  The Man From Another Place EP
Label:  Plastic Love Records
Catalog No.:  PLR001