Exclusive Listen of K.E.E.N.E. – ‘Rift Valley’


Midi Minds Kenya in conjunction with The Safari Collection, Backdrop Agency & Madorasindahouse travelled to Samburu National Conservancy to capture and highlight the musical identity of the Samburu warriors, women and children, in the form of a song based sample pack, a documentary format video, and a Various Artists music compilation (VA). 

This project is set out to raise awareness, financial ability and cultural highlight towards the Samburu tribe and community, through using selected Recordings for the production of this 19-track compilation. It features productions by Laolu, Armonica, Da Capo, Caiiro, Shimza, Umami and many more, as well as local Kenyan talent, such as Suraj, Saint Evo, Foozak & Dylan-S. 

After visiting the Westgate area of Samburu, and discussions with the community leaders, we found the most common day to day issue they face is lack of educational infrastructure. We firmly believe that this is a cause worth advocating for.

The community is not able to establish a sustainable educational system and that is why part of the proceedings will go towards building a class-room in the primary school and provide sustainable contributions to the teachers fund. The whole process will be part of a documentary that will be released along with the Compilation, in an event held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 30th of November 2019. 


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Tracklist (in order):

1) Laolu – Many Faces
2) Armonica – Samburu
3) Da Capo – Land of Cush 
4) Caiiro – The Sapiens
5) Sifa – Madela
6) Umami – Warrior
7) K.E.E.N.E. – Rift Valley
8) Klement Bonelli – Archipel
9) Shimza – Two Steps In Kenya
10) Suraj – Baragoi Boys (Club Mix)
11) Dylan S – Lakira
12) Foozak – Ngutuk 
13) Vitu Shenzi – I’m Going Home (Abhi Dala)
14) Saint Evo – Maralal 
15) XtetiQsoul – Ngai
16) Max Doblhoff – Ena 
17) Stefan Obermaier – Na Nah
18) Lawrence Dix – Eco Buru 
19) Euggy – Voices