Miami-based maestro Madeaux creates music for physical transcendence. A singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around sonic visionary, returns to kick off his Near Life Experience LP with the sprawling, psychedelic single “Something Realvia his imprint Limbo Records

Dedicated to the relentless pursuit of evolution, Madeaux’s musical journey spans a decade of metamorphosis. With a prolific repertoire and placements in a host of Spotify editorials like Mint, Dance Hits, Friday Cratediggers, and Apple editorials like danceXL, Future Dance Hits, New In Dance, Madeaux’s music speaks for itself. With a potent blend of industrial house, techno, and rock, Madeaux is intent on shaping electronic music in his image. His music is tailored to late-night warehouse romps and long drives through the desert, club-ready weapons that are no less vulnerable. He plays to a spiritual, metaphysical quality of dance music, shaping songs that are home at the intersection of technology, design, fashion, and quintessential human emotion. A vertically integrated creator, he conceives each project entirely his own from the writing and recording, down to the engineering and artwork. He looks at songs as multimedia vignettes – each a complex tapestry distinguished from its predecessors.