Sydney based Made in Paris is an underground Australian artist who has released on the likes of You’re Wrong and Mass Movement. She counts DJs like Joseph Capriati as fans and now starts 2018 in superb fashion with two more tunes, this time on her own imprint Upon Access.

They prove she has a heady, involving style that gets your head down and your feet tapping. Erratic is first and is a well balanced and perfectly paced tune that takes you deep into the night. It’s a cosmic tune with blasts of bass and twinkling keys that light up the skies. Dispatch then gets more light footed with sci-fi keys and broad chords that step up the scales. It’s kinetic and infectious and shows the artist has a great grasp of groove and atmosphere. Fellow Australian The Journey remixes and ups the ante with crisp claps and more superb keys that will take you on a real trip.